Sunday, February 27, 2011

2011 Supercoach Team.


B. Goddard/ B. Delideo/ B. Gibbs/ C. Enright
J.Grimes/ A. Otten/ D. Heppell
Emeg: P. Puopola/ N. Duigan/ J. Toy


D. Swan/ C. Judd/ L. Montagna/ D. Swallow
A. Gaff/ D. Harris
Emeg: T. Mzungu/ M. Hibberd/ S. Atley


A. Sandilands/ D. Petrie
Emerg: Z. Smith/ T. Derickx


P. Chapman/ N. Riewoldt/ A. Didak/ M. Pavlich
M. Morton/ A. Krakouer/ R. Gamble
Emerg: D. Prestia/ I. Smith/ J. Darling

Definatly a few risks there. Petrie, Gamble and Morton. Your thoughts?
Please rate. All opinions appreciated. Criticism is loved.

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Supercoach Strategy Money over after picking team

How many dollars should I look at having over after I pick my team to give me enough to pick a reasonable player in case of player going down for the season?

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