Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A record 11 Australians to compete at 2010 Tour de France - Fox Sports

via Sports - Google News on 29/06/10

Sydney Morning Herald

A record 11 Australians to compete at 2010 Tour de France
Fox Sports
A record 11 Australians will compete in this year's Tour de France, confirming Australia's status as one of the strongest nations in world cycling. “ Australia's best ever representation at the Tour de France comes on the back of one of ...
Australia starts 11 in TourAdelaide Independent Weekly
Eight Australians gunning for gloryBigPond Sport
Top cyclists heading to CanadaGlobe and Mail
Sydney Morning Herald -The Age
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World Cup 2010: Sepp Blatter performs U-turn over goalline technology - The ...

via Sports - Google News on 29/06/10


World Cup 2010: Sepp Blatter performs U-turn over goalline technology
The Guardian
The Fifa president Sepp Blatter today performed an uncharacteristic U-turn, promising to consider the introduction of goalline technology in the wake of Frank Lampard's disallowed goal for England against Germany. Blatter relented after former referees ...
Referee Jorge Larrionda dropped from World Cup 2010 following England errorGoal.com
Bad calls prompt FIFA to study high-tech ref helpThe Associated Press
South Africa's World Cup legacy about more than football, says BlatterXinhua
MiamiHerald.com -Los Angeles Times -Financial Times
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Anna Kournikova a smash at Wimbledon but rules out competitive comeback - Sy...

via Sports - Google News on 29/06/10

Daily Mail

Anna Kournikova a smash at Wimbledon but rules out competitive comeback
Sydney Morning Herald
Anna Kournikova reacts during her Ladies Invitation doubles match with alongside Martina Hingis (background). Photo: Reuters Anna Kournikova packed out Wimbledon's Court 2 as she played her first competitive tennis match in seven years, but the Russian ...
Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis turn on the old charm at WimbledonThe Guardian
SW19 Diary: Kournikova and Hingis turn back the clockIndependent
WIMBLEDON 2010: Anyone for tennis? Yes, if pin-up Anna Kournikova's onDaily Mail
The Press Association -Telegraph.co.uk -The Sun
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Eight changes give Baby Blues a front-row seat - Sydney Morning Herald

via Sports - Google News on 28/06/10

Eight changes give Baby Blues a front-row seat
Sydney Morning Herald
NSW have at last matched it with someone. In choosing four debutants among eight changes for State of Origin III, the Blues will equal the record for most players used in a series. Assuming the same 17 players run out tomorrow week at ANZ Stadium, ...

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Riewoldt return on hold - Sportal.com.au

via Sports - Google News on 29/06/10


Riewoldt return on hold
St Kilda skipper Nick Riewoldt has been ruled out of Sunday's clash against Melbourne by coach Ross Lyon, who also launched a spirited defence of suspended tagger Steven Baker. The Saints had suggested last week that their superstar forward could be ...
One more week for RiewoldtHerald Sun
Riewoldt not ready to make return yet: LyonAFL.com

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A.F.L Proposed Football Fixtures 2012 Onwards

Looks like the AFL are seeking general public opinions for how the season & hence draw should be structured with the introduction of the two new teams ... anybody have any thoughts?

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Brett Ratten Has A Short Memory Re Judd Tagging Issue

Brett Ratten Has A Short Memory Re Judd Tagging Issue. Good Call Bad Call

Kettle calling the pot black ... Mr Ratten Just go back and watch the tape on your own players first before you start having ago at other teams. Or give Aaron Davey a call and ask him what he thought of Carrazzo's tactics (the extra attention dished out on Davey by Carrazzo) only 2 weeks before ... now dont tell me that was not premeditated off the ball player targetting .... sorry Mitch Robinson let the cat out of the bag on that one.

Sorry Brett be consistent ... if your going to dish it out you better learn how to take it.


Originally Posted by ABC sport
Carlton coach Brett Ratten says he will contact the AFL umpiring department to get an answer about why Blues skipper Chris Judd is having his extra attention from opponents go unnoticed.

Judd endured a frustrating game at Docklands on Saturday night when Fremantle's Adam McPhee regularly blocked, grappled and pushed the Carlton superstar at stoppages.

Ratten said he had issue with McPhee's tactics in turning his back from a stoppage so he could impede Judd's path, which included at one stage pushing his opponent in the chest to block his run.

"I suppose when the player turns his back on the play around stoppages, I think then there's a question mark on is he concentrating on the ball or the man?" Ratten said on the Ten Network on Monday night.

"Sometimes if backmen do it they get penalised and I think that's something that will get reviewed at the umpires meeting.

"I might ring up and just ask what is the rule there."

Ratten said he wanted clarification on what the rule was when players made other players their focus, as he said the Blues could employ similar tactics themselves.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Subliminal Advertising

via twattsmail by twattsmail on 6/16/10

Subliminal Advertising – Now Be Honest !!!!!

Did You Notice The Can Of Pepsi?????

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trading Advice On Supercoach by E*Trade

via twattsmail by twattsmail on 6/15/10

Could not believe it but looks like the E*Trade Website has started to deliver supercoach advice !!!!

Well maybe not supercoach advice, but I thought good solid stockmarket advice that could be easily interchanged for supercoach advice.

Every time it mentions stocks & shares terminology … just think supercoach terminology.

“You should be aware that the share market has risks and you should try to manage this risk.”

Under the Tab – “Managing Your Portfolio”

You can do this by:

Diversification – diversifying your portfolio across multiple stocks and multiple industry sectors

Understanding the market – understanding all the issues that can affect the performance of your shares

Research – researching the company before investing, and accessing the large amount of independent research available on the market and individual stocks

Strategy & discipline – having a trading strategy and the discipline to stick to it!

However, if you want the best supercoach advice website – just see here.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic – Footyaholic

via twattsmail by twattsmail on 6/14/10

Ok … So at times when your randomly surfing round the net … yes completely randomly!!!!!

Its kinda funny and amazing what you bump into. Found this review of a movie that made me stop & think.

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” is a good starting point for those who want to understand the psychology of addiction -– whether you are addicted to sex, sports, Kasauti, God or even drugs and alcohol. And the moral of the story is that, any obsession, whatever it is you are obsessed with, is not a healthy thing, either for your emotional stability, or your credit card.

The emotional state behind addiction is the same everywhere – an intense and unhealthy obsession for something that gives you a temporary ‘kick’ or ‘high’ and sends you into a state of extreme euphoria, which of course is momentary and short-lived and you have a need to feel that same experience again -– however much you have to spend on it and consequently become bankrupt in the process.”

Ok … OK … I know I might not be what you would call a normal movie. More of a teen-flick.

But Hey … thought to myself … wonder if I’m addicted to anything.

Well … must confess I’m guilty of being addicted to football or as we say in Australia – “FOOOoooty”. Yes, I’m obsessed with AFL football.

However, could not help but think to myself … How the hell can that be “un-healthy”

It costs me nothing … so no credit card drain. I spend about 15-20 minutes on a Friday fixing up my team … so I cant argue its costing me a whole heap of time. So where’s the down side. Then I re-read the above quote and its funny how … one or two words stick in your mind.

For me it was “emotional state” … Holy Shivers I thought. I’m gaun … yes you read right … GAUN.

No doubt about it I need help … so I off I surf to my trusty google search engine … wonder if trusty is the right word. Who cares … I need help.

My two biggest dilemmas every week are …

1/ Who should I pick in my footy tips.


2/ What changes should I make to my fantasy football team.

Seriously if I dont get these right on a weekly basis I quickly turn into an emotional train wreck every Sunday night.

Why? Because I’ve only got one sleep to go before I have to face my work colleagues on Monday morning.

Same every week. Same questions .. “How many Winners did you pick?” … “What did you score in Supercoach this week ?” … Knowing damn well what my answer would be.

OK … its time to fix these “mates” up! So I In put these choice words … & hopefully the solution to all my heartache is only a click away.

1/  AFL FOOTY TIPS … sat back watched and waited all of two seconds … Holy mother of Josephine I got them. Found a cracker of a site that every week puts up its AFL Footy Tips for FREE!!! You got to love that.

Mission one completed … can I push my luck … why not …  lets give it a crack. Hold on tight!

2/ Supercoach Forum … man I near fell off my chair. A whole damn Forum where I can get all my AFL Fantasy problems fixed in under 15 minutes & YES … its all for free.

So the long and the short of it is …  this Monday I cant wait to get into work to to ask them the questions and watch them squirm. All with my secret safe that its only Google and me that know the solution to my “FOOOoooty” problems.

Thanks Mr Google

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John Worsfold Time To Go

Sorry Johnny but its time to go. Your not good to try and play "arrogant" football.

Sorry I mis-judged the Eagles ... this is disgusting to watch.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Creswick Stakes may be a pivotal moment for colt

Tomorrow's Creswick Stakes at Flemington is the final black type three-year-old race of the season in Melbourne and has attracted a mostly familiar bunch of talented gallopers.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The World Cup Walking Wounded Would Make One Heckuva Squad

via The Sporting Blog by Dan Levy on 6/9/10

As the excitement grows for the start of the World Cup, the sad news is that there's a whole host of world-class players who won't be playing in this year's tournament. Most, it seems, have gotten injured in the run up to the Cup, so here's a list of some of the top players you likely won't be seeing this month. Some of the names (as noted) are hobbled with injuries, but still expected to play at some point in the tournament. If the walking wounded could make up their own squad, they might just win the whole darn thing.

Didier Drogba and Michael Essien: We still don't know if Drogba (pictured) will be able to play after suffering a broken elbow in a tune-up match for Ivory Coast. With their first match against Portugal on June 15, Ivory Coast has until 24-hours before to replace him on their official roster. Make no mistake, the striker is quite possibly the most important figure in African soccer, and the first World Cup on African soil being played without him just doesn't seem right.

The same goes for Essien. Ghana's top player was lost with a knee injury last week. That, of course, hasn't tempered their confidence as striker Asamoah Gyan thinks they can still make a run without Essien. From The Telegraph:

"We have an all-round team," he said. "I'll take you back to Angola where we lost some players but the team was able to make the final. As a group we are okay but we lost him (Essien) so we just have to concentrate on the future."

John Obi Mikel: The Nigerian was to be counted on for yet another African nation hoping to perform well on its own continent. It seems Mikel may have pulled himself out of the tournament:

His reasoning being that, having had surgery on his knee in April (or was it May?) following injury sustained in a Premier League game against Bolton Wanderers at the Bridge, he didn't want to risk aggravating the injury by playing at the Mundial.

'It is the same knee and I did not want to risk any further damage, also I think it is in the best interest of the team for me to withdraw rather than waste a slot'.

Michael Ballack
: What a terrible few weeks for one of the top midfielders of the last decade. First Ballack hurt his ankle in the FA Cup final for Chelsea, knocking him out of the World Cup. Today he found out that Chelsea will not extend his contract. He went from one of the top players in the world to a 33-year old midfielder with a bad ankle and no team. The Germans are all of the sudden a very young squad without Ballack. Could that be to their advantage? (Seriously: is every injured player from Chelsea?)

David Beckham: Speaking of old midfielders with leg problems, David Beckham will likely get more face time on TV than most players in the World Cup, it will all just be coming from the bench. It's interesting to think that Beckham wasn't even a lock to make the English squad last year, so perhaps his injury made life easier for Fabio Capello.

Rio Ferdinand: Ferdinand is one player whose injury definitely did not make Capello's life easier. Ferdinand took over the English captaincy after John Terry was stripped of it for being a philanderer. That role now goes to Steven Gerard, but who will fill Ferdinand's spikes on the back line could be something of a concern for England.

Nani: Here's the guy who could have been the next household name. Nani, already playing for Manchester United, could have used a great World Cup to propel him to Ronaldo-like status. Instead, after hurting his shoulder, he'll be watching someone else become a star.

Lassana Diarra: The French midfielder is such a blow to their squad that they have to change their formation on the field. He's out with instestinal issues. Ouch.

Salvador Cabanas: I'll admit I don't know much about Cabanas, so I'll leave it to the folks at The Shin Guardian:

Cabanas, really? Just shy of the top of the list? That’s right. Paraguay is a sneaky team. One that dealt Brazil one of it’s only two losses in qualifying. The kicker, Paraguay played down one for nearly the entire 2nd half.

The Club America striker injured in a nightclub shooting was the emotional leader and talisman for Paraguayan team that was stoic in the back and just needed some of Cabanas mustard in the front to jumpstart the attack.

Andrea Pirlo: Mauro Camoranesi has made it back for Italy, but it looks like Pirlo's calf strain could keep him out of the entire group stage. One has to wonder if that decision would be the same if Italy's group was a bit more challenging.

Arjen Robben: The Netherlands is a trendy pick to win the entire World Cup, but it will be a tough task without the likes of Robben. That said, the winger seems to be okay after injuring his leg in a friendly a few days ago. He may just miss the first group match.

Everyone on Spain: Spain may have the most talented roster on the planet, but can anyone stay healthy? First it was Fernando Torres who was supposed to miss the entire tournament but is now fine. Now Andres Iniesta has a thigh injury that could be an issue. Of course, to replace Iniesta's playmaking ability, Spain can use Cesc Fabregas who missed the end of Arsenal's season with a crack in his fibula. The team is amazing, and deep, if they can have enough players to stay healthy.

Charlie Davies: Technically Davies should be included on the list below of players who weren't chosen for their teams, not players who have been injured and unable to play. Davies thinks that he's able to play, but Bob Bradley didn't agree, choosing not to bring Davies into camp. Still, if you saw what Davies was able to do against top teams like Spain and Brazil in the Confederations Cup, you know his speed will be missed.

The Unchosen…
Theo Walcott was left off the England roster, despite being fit enough to train. Ronaldinho wasn't even given that chance for Brazil as he was left off the preliminary roster. Karim Benzema wasn't picked for France, who now seems in complete tumult.

We've mentioned the likes of Giuseppi Rossi for Italy before, but he was left off the team with the likes of Luca Toni and Fabio Grosso. Italy is also without (the internationally retired) Alessandro Del Piero, Marco Materazzi and Francesco Totti.

The thing of it all, is that for as many great players that are not playing, there are even more greats who are. And, as is always the case at the World Cup, someone we never expected will become a new household name.

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Woods also set for 2011

Tiger Woods' decision to defend his Australian Masters title has guaranteed another bumper edition of the tournament that was in danger of dying two years ago.

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World Cup soccer like you've never seen it - Daily Telegraph

World Cup soccer like you've never seen it
Daily Telegraph
Cahill this year made BRWs top 10 Australian sports earners with his $4.6 million-a-year income. Each member of the Socceroos squad is guaranteed $200000 ...

and more »

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Lowy in damage control over bid - Sydney Morning Herald

via Sports - Google News on 6/9/10

The Guardian

Lowy in damage control as Asian boss backs Europe for '18 Cup push
Sydney Morning Herald
RANDFONTEIN: Australia's bid for the 2018 World Cup looks dead in the water after the Asian Football Confederation delivered a body blow to the campaign when it said it would throw its weight behind a European bid to host that tournament when the ...
Australia loses Asian support for 2018 CupABC Online
Australia's 2018 bid alive despite Asia snubThe Associated Press
World Cup 2018 should be in Europe, says Asian Football ConfederationThe Guardian
Gulf Times -The Daily Yomiuri -The Roar (blog)
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Greats support one-day cricket overhaul - The Australian

via Sports - Google News on 6/9/10


Greats support one-day cricket overhaul
The Australian
BROADCASTERS and former greats have enthusiastically adopted a Cricket Australia proposal to radically revamp one-day cricket on the back of the Twenty20 revolution. "There's no doubt in the world there's time for some change," Channel Nine's head of ...
World Cup hampers changeHerald Sun
CA hopes to get better than 50-50 splitSydney Morning Herald
Cricket Australia considers new 40-over formatCricInfo.com
Courier Mail -The Roar (blog) -Cricbuzz
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Jumps on last legs as targets are falling short

Jumps racing just 38 races and 10 weeks away from extinction in Victoria if trend of falls and fatalities continues.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Magic Millions turnover nearly $50m - ABC Online

via Sports - Google News on 6/8/10

Magic Millions turnover nearly $50m
ABC Online
The Magic Millions national sale has ended on Queensland's Gold Coast and organisers say prices were up from last year. Managing director David Chester says about 2000 horses were sold at the three-week sale in Bundall. ...
National Sale Grosses $48 millionRacing and Sports Pty Ltd
Qld govt keen to keep Magic MillionsHerald Sun
$15.7 million keeps Magic Millions on CoastGold Coast Bulletin News

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Australia firms for 2022 World Cup - The Australian

Australia firms for 2022 World Cup
The Australian
Sports Minister Kate Ellis backed Mr Lowy's assessment of the strength of the Australian bid. The Federal Government has given $45 million to the FFA ...

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New to Supercoach

I'm new to Supercoach and I have a couple of questions.

Is it better to choose players from teams that will most likely make it to finals? Does finals have any impact at all?

How come a player who was not announced in the teams line up ends up playing? I was sure P Davis was not on Adelaide's line up last week yet played and scored more than some of my other players.

Is it dangerous to have too many players from the same team? I seem to have a lot of players from Carlton and Brisbane.

Why the big deal about saving trades? I have traded quite a bit but I think my team is better for it. Isn't it better to get rid of bad players and score more. I had N Riewoldt earlier and obviously traded him for Podsiady who has earnt me heaps.

Lastly here is my team - any thoughts?


J, Russell P, Duffield N,Maxwell M, Hurley
Carlton Fremantle Collingwood Essendon

B, Waters M, Maguire B, Thornton P Davis
WCE Lions Carlton Adelaide


Ablett B, Gibbs C, Bartlett
Geelong Carlton Lions

M,Murphy J, Selwood C, Judd
Carlton Geelong Carlton

J Trengrove T, Scully
Melbourne Melbourne

Kreuzer Leuenberger Warnock Charman
Carlton Lions Carlton Lions

Brown J, Riewoldt B, Hall Rockliff
Lions Richmond Footscray Lions

Podsiadly Franklin Fevola Peterson
Geelong Hawks Lions Lions

Port Ad

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