Sunday, July 4, 2010

AFL Football Forum Explosion

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Is it just me or have we seen an explosion in AFL Football Forums Online?

Wow … I was surfing around over the last couple of days , you know looking for that tit-bit of information that well help me with my fantasy football teams … and bang … nearly every second site is an AFL football forum that has be around for less than 1-2 seasons, all talking about the same things in the same format.

AFL Football Forums

Man what is the go? Is somebody offering free $$$$ to start up your own AFL Footy forum?

Please tell me I must be missing something. Or is it just human nature? I can do it better than the next bloke mentality or worst still follow the leader thinking. Let me tell you this is somebody else put it on twitter not so long ago … “I need another AFL football forum like a hole in the head” .. which made me laugh.

Now we have been running for nearly 9 years now on a part-time hobby basis.

However, must confess its helped me learn about the internet like I have never learned things before. Sadly not all my lessons have been good ones and I’ve seen both the good & the bad being brought out in people when it comes to discussing their passion for AFL football.

However, is that part of the problem. Are we as supporters still stuck in the “tribal mentality era” where we look no further than our own teams colors?

Sadly, I fear the answer to this question is YES.

However, let me offer you this

1/ Fantasy Football – you will never look at football the same way after two serious years of fantasy football.

2/ Betting on AFL football – think with your heart will create a hole in your pocket guaranteed 100%.

The quickest way to go broke is back your own side on a regular basis.

There you go … off my chest … bet you didn’t see that one coming … see you at AFL Football

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