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Confessions of a Shopaholic – Footyaholic

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Ok … So at times when your randomly surfing round the net … yes completely randomly!!!!!

Its kinda funny and amazing what you bump into. Found this review of a movie that made me stop & think.

“Confessions of a Shopaholic” is a good starting point for those who want to understand the psychology of addiction -– whether you are addicted to sex, sports, Kasauti, God or even drugs and alcohol. And the moral of the story is that, any obsession, whatever it is you are obsessed with, is not a healthy thing, either for your emotional stability, or your credit card.

The emotional state behind addiction is the same everywhere – an intense and unhealthy obsession for something that gives you a temporary ‘kick’ or ‘high’ and sends you into a state of extreme euphoria, which of course is momentary and short-lived and you have a need to feel that same experience again -– however much you have to spend on it and consequently become bankrupt in the process.”

Ok … OK … I know I might not be what you would call a normal movie. More of a teen-flick.

But Hey … thought to myself … wonder if I’m addicted to anything.

Well … must confess I’m guilty of being addicted to football or as we say in Australia – “FOOOoooty”. Yes, I’m obsessed with AFL football.

However, could not help but think to myself … How the hell can that be “un-healthy”

It costs me nothing … so no credit card drain. I spend about 15-20 minutes on a Friday fixing up my team … so I cant argue its costing me a whole heap of time. So where’s the down side. Then I re-read the above quote and its funny how … one or two words stick in your mind.

For me it was “emotional state” … Holy Shivers I thought. I’m gaun … yes you read right … GAUN.

No doubt about it I need help … so I off I surf to my trusty google search engine … wonder if trusty is the right word. Who cares … I need help.

My two biggest dilemmas every week are …

1/ Who should I pick in my footy tips.


2/ What changes should I make to my fantasy football team.

Seriously if I dont get these right on a weekly basis I quickly turn into an emotional train wreck every Sunday night.

Why? Because I’ve only got one sleep to go before I have to face my work colleagues on Monday morning.

Same every week. Same questions .. “How many Winners did you pick?” … “What did you score in Supercoach this week ?” … Knowing damn well what my answer would be.

OK … its time to fix these “mates” up! So I In put these choice words … & hopefully the solution to all my heartache is only a click away.

1/  AFL FOOTY TIPS … sat back watched and waited all of two seconds … Holy mother of Josephine I got them. Found a cracker of a site that every week puts up its AFL Footy Tips for FREE!!! You got to love that.

Mission one completed … can I push my luck … why not …  lets give it a crack. Hold on tight!

2/ Supercoach Forum … man I near fell off my chair. A whole damn Forum where I can get all my AFL Fantasy problems fixed in under 15 minutes & YES … its all for free.

So the long and the short of it is …  this Monday I cant wait to get into work to to ask them the questions and watch them squirm. All with my secret safe that its only Google and me that know the solution to my “FOOOoooty” problems.

Thanks Mr Google

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