Monday, June 21, 2010

Brett Ratten Has A Short Memory Re Judd Tagging Issue

Brett Ratten Has A Short Memory Re Judd Tagging Issue. Good Call Bad Call

Kettle calling the pot black ... Mr Ratten Just go back and watch the tape on your own players first before you start having ago at other teams. Or give Aaron Davey a call and ask him what he thought of Carrazzo's tactics (the extra attention dished out on Davey by Carrazzo) only 2 weeks before ... now dont tell me that was not premeditated off the ball player targetting .... sorry Mitch Robinson let the cat out of the bag on that one.

Sorry Brett be consistent ... if your going to dish it out you better learn how to take it.


Originally Posted by ABC sport
Carlton coach Brett Ratten says he will contact the AFL umpiring department to get an answer about why Blues skipper Chris Judd is having his extra attention from opponents go unnoticed.

Judd endured a frustrating game at Docklands on Saturday night when Fremantle's Adam McPhee regularly blocked, grappled and pushed the Carlton superstar at stoppages.

Ratten said he had issue with McPhee's tactics in turning his back from a stoppage so he could impede Judd's path, which included at one stage pushing his opponent in the chest to block his run.

"I suppose when the player turns his back on the play around stoppages, I think then there's a question mark on is he concentrating on the ball or the man?" Ratten said on the Ten Network on Monday night.

"Sometimes if backmen do it they get penalised and I think that's something that will get reviewed at the umpires meeting.

"I might ring up and just ask what is the rule there."

Ratten said he wanted clarification on what the rule was when players made other players their focus, as he said the Blues could employ similar tactics themselves.

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