Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Trading Advice On Supercoach by E*Trade

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Could not believe it but looks like the E*Trade Website has started to deliver supercoach advice !!!!

Well maybe not supercoach advice, but I thought good solid stockmarket advice that could be easily interchanged for supercoach advice.

Every time it mentions stocks & shares terminology … just think supercoach terminology.

“You should be aware that the share market has risks and you should try to manage this risk.”

Under the Tab – “Managing Your Portfolio”

You can do this by:

Diversification – diversifying your portfolio across multiple stocks and multiple industry sectors

Understanding the market – understanding all the issues that can affect the performance of your shares

Research – researching the company before investing, and accessing the large amount of independent research available on the market and individual stocks

Strategy & discipline – having a trading strategy and the discipline to stick to it!

However, if you want the best supercoach advice website – just see here.

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