Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New to Supercoach

I'm new to Supercoach and I have a couple of questions.

Is it better to choose players from teams that will most likely make it to finals? Does finals have any impact at all?

How come a player who was not announced in the teams line up ends up playing? I was sure P Davis was not on Adelaide's line up last week yet played and scored more than some of my other players.

Is it dangerous to have too many players from the same team? I seem to have a lot of players from Carlton and Brisbane.

Why the big deal about saving trades? I have traded quite a bit but I think my team is better for it. Isn't it better to get rid of bad players and score more. I had N Riewoldt earlier and obviously traded him for Podsiady who has earnt me heaps.

Lastly here is my team - any thoughts?


J, Russell P, Duffield N,Maxwell M, Hurley
Carlton Fremantle Collingwood Essendon

B, Waters M, Maguire B, Thornton P Davis
WCE Lions Carlton Adelaide


Ablett B, Gibbs C, Bartlett
Geelong Carlton Lions

M,Murphy J, Selwood C, Judd
Carlton Geelong Carlton

J Trengrove T, Scully
Melbourne Melbourne

Kreuzer Leuenberger Warnock Charman
Carlton Lions Carlton Lions

Brown J, Riewoldt B, Hall Rockliff
Lions Richmond Footscray Lions

Podsiadly Franklin Fevola Peterson
Geelong Hawks Lions Lions

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