Saturday, September 18, 2010

Finals Ticketing System

I hate the AFL Finals ticketing system.

There is no point being a club member during September! :eek:

For finals matches, Tickets are released to MCC & Participating Club Members on the Monday. MCC member can get 1 or 2 visitor passes, club members 0.
Tuesday AFL members who can get 2 visitor passes. Wednesday 9am - public reserved seating. THIS IS THE PART THAT ANNOYS ME. You cannot use your Club Membership to purchase discounted tickets after Tuesday, so if you are a club member and you're going to the game with your mates who are not, you must purchase public reserved seating tickets which therefore deems the membership invalid.

Doesn't make sense to me but i guess thats the way those crazy bastards down at the AFL House like it! :arghh:

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