Monday, September 6, 2010

Richmond Trade Rumours

Another tough team to try and pick what way they will move during trade period. Normally after a 1st year coach, that finishes 15th, you get the massive clean out. However, timing has never been the Tigers strengths and this year is no exception.

Their draft picks at this stage are woeful ... for a team seeking to re-build via "no-short cuts" ... they have no choice to accept the principle "you have to give up good to get good". Their "genuine" trade bait is near non-existent.

Top 20 draft picks are essential if the want to continue a rebuild via quality youth. Short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. But dont expect many Tigers supporters to understand that principle.

Watch this space!! .. feel free to post your rumour below or start an individual thread for specific players.


PS Don' forget our new initiative for .. AFL 2010 Trade Rumours

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