Friday, September 10, 2010

St Kilda Failures With Their Trading


Originally Posted by Bobby Dazzler (Post 10281)
Good Call TF

There goal at the start off the year was definately top 4 and a massive chance for the grand final. Based on that their year was a failure.

Also I don't think their list is as good as people think. Top end they are ok but their middle players don't seem to be coming on - your Mustons Your Dowlers and there is quite a few more.

Also they have to be right up there with St Kilda as failures with their trading.
The decision to trade Kennedy and McGlynn have proven to be shockers!!!

Ouch thats a bit stiff on the Saints , i think good trades out way their bad ones ......schnieder, Dawson , Gardener , Dempster, jones, Gram , Milne , and most recent Peake . Dont think too many other clubs could brag about that

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